Saturday, March 24, 2007

Seraya primary school

I attended primary school from 1973 to 1978, almost 30 years ago. As mentioned, the school was near where I used to live and except for the first couple of years, I used to walk to and fro from school by myself (and later with my brothers). Maybe 15 to 20 mins?

Within a 2-km radius of Seraya primary school, there were several other big and small schools. I remember St Hilda's, Tong Cai (which my sister attended), Haig Boys' and Girls', and Fowlie. Of course, there were many more around but surrounding Seraya were these. In fact, all the said schools have either closed down or moved to other parts of the island.

I'm not sure why my father picked Seraya rather than the others but I did note that there were a lot of Tamils compared to the other said schools. Reputation wise, I don't think it was the best but hey, in those years, I don't think branding was that prevalent.

Starting from the morning session in primary 1, I alternated between morning and afternoon sessions for the subsequent school years. The class size, on average, was 30 people, I guess and there were a couple of classes who attended the same level.

I still remember a few of the teachers who taught me. The kind and elderly Mrs Lee, the young but fierce Mrs Lee, a couple of Chinese teachers whom I can't remember their names (Sorry...), and the very kind Principal Mr Tan(?). Except for the young Mrs Lee and young Chinese teacher, I think all of the others should be 6 feet below ground by now....

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Rosli and like you, I was from Seraya Pri School, same batch as you. I was in Pri 6A in 1978(am session). I managed to get in touch with a number of my classmates via Facebook. Which class/session were you in 1978?